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A Bird's Eye View of Istanbul: Galata Tower

Are you someone who wants to get a closer look at the historical and cultural fabric of Istanbul?
Galata Tower stands prominently among the places you must see as part of your wonderful exploration. Although now considered a museum, its original purpose was as an observation tower. Would you like to learn more details about Galata Tower, one of the symbols of Beyoğlu and Istanbul? Here’s everything you need to know!

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The History of Galata Tower

Built by the Genoese who allied with the Byzantines, Galata Tower was seen as an important observation structure of that era. Constructed between 1335 and 1349, the building, initially smaller, evolved over time with additions to become what it is today. Due to the proximity between the Genoese and Byzantines, Galata Tower was used by the Genoese for a long time until it came under Ottoman rule in 1453. After suffering damage from earthquakes in Istanbul, the tower was restored and began to be used as a Fire Tower. Later on, it was also used as a coffee house before being converted into a museum in recent times. Galata Tower, now among the favorite spots for tourists, allows you to have a bird’s eye view of Istanbul.

Located in the Historical Peninsula, Galata Tower’s position and the panorama it offers are remarkable. By appreciating the beauties offered by this wonderful structure, you should prefer to explore the must-see points of Istanbul.

The Architecture of Galata Tower

The Architecture of Galata Tower

Galata Tower, with its impressive exterior, also boasts a very special interior architecture. With a basement, ground floor, and mezzanine floor, the building has a total of 11 floors, featuring striking staircases.

Due to restoration works carried out at various times, there have been changes in the architecture of Galata Tower from its original form to what it is today. However, it’s worth mentioning that Galata Tower, in its current form, is still remarkable.

As a structure that visitors to Istanbul for tourism must see, Galata Tower receives a considerable number of visitors. Both in terms of its flawless architecture and its view, Galata Tower is one of the prominent spots in Istanbul.

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